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Demograss Pink Diet Pills

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The Original Demograss Formula with 30 Capsules of the Original Fat Demolisher in the USA! Demograss Formula for the United States with Free Shipping.

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What is Demograss?

Demograss is a 100% Natural supplement for Weight Control manufactured by Pronasur Labs in Mexico that combines Powerful herbs with properties such as: Fat-Burners, Appetite Control, Fat Metabolizers and potential anti-inflamatories to deliver a Safe and Effective Natural formula to aid in your weight control goals.

How Does Demograss Work?

The Exclusive Highly-Effective formula found only in Demograss has been found to work by potentially Assisting your Metabolism as well as the Glandular System to function more efficiently. Some of the ingredients have been proported to be Depuratives (Purifiers) that may assist in the detoxification of the body from Toxins (of which stored Fat can be considered one).

By Enhancing and nourishing Digestive Organs such as the Pancreas, Thyroid and Liver and nourishing Waste-Removal organs such as the Kidneys, Sweat Glands and Colon..Demograss provides the perfect balance to help break-down store fat and get rid of it Naturally.

How Long Has Demograss been on the Market?

Demograss is a Tried and True product that has been in the market for Over 10 Years! With 100,000s of thousands of Satisfied Users Demograss is one of the Hotest and Most-Efficient all-natural products on sale in Mexico and the United States. Demograss Pink is the Original Formula Now making the Pills Pink, and Changing the Bottle to be Called Demograss Classic. 

How Many Pills come in Each Bottle of Demograss Classic?

Every bottle of Demograss comes with 30 Capsules.

How do you Use Demograss Classic Pink?

For people with regular metabolisms who wish to enhance their weight loss efforts: Take One capsule a day before breakfast. Many users have commented that Demograss may work best when taken with Tomato Juice or water.

For people with metabolisms slower than the average person, it is recommended that you start to take One capsule a day just to check your metabolism. After 5 days (if you wish and think is necessary) you can Up the dose to One capsule in the morning and One Capsule at night (two capsules total in a day). It is recommended that you go back to taking only one capsule per day after a Month of using Demograss twice daily. You may continue to use Demograss in the One Capsule per day for as long as you feel it necessary and healthy to achieve your weight loss goals.

People suffering from LOW blood pressure or who find themselves to be overly nervous (or under medical care) should consult their doctor before using Demograss or any other supplement. If it is appropriate for you to use Demograss, you should adjust the dose to only ONE capsule every other day and preferably take a good multivitamin. 

Additional Information

Is There A Difference Between the 'Demograss Pink' Bottle and this Demograss Classic? 

The *Only* Difference is the New Look! The Formula, Results Etc. Is Still the Same. In fact Demograss Classic is *Still* Demograss Pink, the only difference is that Now instead of the bottle being Pink, the Pills Are Pink. 

Rest Assured that nothing else has changed, You Still get the Same Formula, With Same Results as Always! 

Why Was there A Change in Look from Demograss Pink to Demograss Classic? 

This was done by the Manufacturer to be able to Continue to Export / Import the Product to the United States and Abroad. If you notice the Nutritional Table is now in English as well as the Ingredients and Instructions. The Change in Look was also done to avoid confusions between the Different Demograss Products. Now Demograss 'Pink' or Classic has the Pink Pill, Demograss Plus Pills are Blue and Premier are Gold. 


Useful Tips: 


Do not use more than the recommended dose daily. Both the Manufacturer and we recommend that you use Demograss Pills as part of a complete Demograss Diet that includes healthy eating habits and excercise as well as the use of Demograss Pills in combination with the Demograss GelDemograss Soap and Demograss Shake as these products were made to Enhance and MAXIMIZE the Results of the Demograss Diet. All of these products are easily available at a wonderful discount by ordering the Demograss Express Kit.  


Even if you are Not hungry, you should eat at least Three times per day (fruit, vegetables, low-fat meals and lean proteins are good choices) to keep your metabolism working. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (we can’t stress this enough!). Eight cups of water (64 OZ) is the minimum amount you should be drinking. Because the process of breaking down fat and what Demograss does that may assist to help detoxify your body depletes Potassium levels, You *should* eat or take something to replenish your potassium levels. This is ANOTHER improvement of Demograss Pink, since the addition of Artichoke (a huge potassium donor) has fixes many of these issues! 




Aloe Vera, Guarana, Naranjo, Lino, Alisma, Lima, Milenrama, Nopal Penca, Bromelina.




  • If you are under 18, pregnant or nursing you should not take Demograss capsules. If you have had surgery in the last 3 months (or possibly the last 6 months) you should not use Demograss capsules.
  • Some people may experience the following when using Demograss for the first time: dizziness, constipation, loose stools, sleepiness, and nausea (or vomit). Many of these undesirable effects are most commonly attributed to eating a diet that has too much *fat* (saturated fat specifically), Alcohol or too little potassium. To minimize the chance of experiencing these effects it is recommended that you try and eat a low-fat diet.
  • If undesired effects from using Demograss continue for more than a day, stop using Demograss daily and use it every other day instead to give your body a chance to get used to the effects of using it or Stop using it altogether. After your body is used to Demograss you may resume using it daily if you want. If undesired effects persist even after using it every other day, Stop using Demograss and consult your doctor if you desire.
  • Some people may experience muscle pain, like if you did a lot of exercise, this is completely normal. This pain is because the fat that you are about to lose is detaching from your body. Then you can also feel little lumps and this is the fat that is gathering to be released later. 
  • Eating a low-fat and potassium rich diet can lower the chance of experiencing these treatment effects. Most of this has been helped by adding Bromeline to Demograss! 
  • If you experience any undesired effects for longer than a few days, stop using Demograss daily and switch to using it every other day instead to allow your body to get accustomed to the natural ingredients. After your body tolerates it better you may again resume using it once per day. If undesired effects persist, please STOP using Demograss and consult your physician.
  • Some people experience muscle pain like the one felt after excercising too much. This is to a certain degree normal. The pain may be caused by Demograss as it aids to detox the fat from your body.


This product is not a medication. It is made for Adults 18 and over only. It is not made to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. Statements made regarding uses or possible effects of using the product are mere opinions and have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are under physicians care consult your physician before using this or any other nutritional supplement. The use of this product is the responsibility of the user, Innovacion Natural is not responsible for the inappropriate or unintended use of this or any other product. We are not responsible for your choice to use this product. Individual Results may Vary.

Por que El Cambio de Demograss Rosa a Demograss 'Clasico'? 

Dos Razones. Primero el Laboratorio cambio la presentación de la Caja para poder seguir importándolo a Estados Unidos. Segundo, las cápsulas se cambiaron a Color Rosita para evitar Confusión (Ya que Antes Tanto Plus como Rosa tenían las Cápsulas Azules). Ahora Cada Producto Demograss tiene cápsulas Distintivas. Demograss Clásico es Rosa, Demograss Plus son Azules y Demograss Premier son Doradas. 

Hay alguna contraindicacion medica en usar Demograss?

En personas de baja presión o muy nerviosas consulta a tu medico antes de usar este o cualquier supplemento y si es appropiado puede usar Demograss tomando una capsula cada tres días complementado con algún vitamínico. (Cada Tres dias significa: Tomas Una capsula un dia, y al siguiente no, y otra vez, etc). 

Si tengo Estrías, Celulitis, Flacidez y Otros Problemas de la Piel - Me Puede Ayudar Demograss? 

Demograss es una formula para ayudarte a perder peso, mejorar tu metabolismo y apoyar tu sistema glandular. Aun así, los Productos Tópicos de Demograss son hechos específicamente para ayudarte a mejorar todos esos problemas de la piel. Te recomendamos el Gel Corporal Demograss al igual que el Jabón Demograss para ayudarte contra la flacidez, estrías y mas. 

Leí que algunas personas tienen algunos efectos desagradables con Demograss, saben de esto?

Durante los 5 años que tenemos trabajando con Demograss hemos tenido la oportunidad de leer / escuchar de nuestros clientes que algunos experimentan: Mareo, constipacion, diarrea, nausea y en algunos casos vomito.

La buena noticia - De Miles de clientes esto pasa en un porcentaje extremadamente bajo (menos del 4%).

Para las pocas personas que si les pasa esto, hemos podido verificar que:

  • La mayoría de las veces estos efectos son causados por tener una dieta Alta en Grasas (o alcohol) o baja en potasio mientras estas usando Demograss. Para minimizar esto, sigue una dieta Baja en grasa, alta en potasio y vegetales verdes. 
  • Si hay efectos no deseados que continúen por mas de unos días, deja de usar Demograss diariamente y mejor usa la cada Tres días para dejar que tu cuerpo se acostumbre y después lo puedes seguir tomando diariamente.
  • Aun si experimentas esto, al Dejar de usar Demograss el 100% de las personas deja de tener efectos y vuelve a la normalidad.

En Realidad la gran mayoría de los clientes no tiene ningún problema. El "problema" mas común es que Algunas personas sienten dolor muscular como el que sientes después de hacer mucho ejercicio. Esto es hasta cierto punto normal y muy fácil de solucionar. Simplemente incrementa tu consumo de potasio y agua y listo!

Additional Warnings No

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