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Artichoke Capsules GN+Vida

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Artichoke Diet Pills Original from GN+Vida

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The easiest way to keep up with your Artichoke Diet - Lose Weight, Help maintain your Cholesterol and Sugar levels already within normal limits. 

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Artichoke Diet Pills all the Benefits of Artichoke in 1 Pill - Weight Control, Help Keep your Cholesterol and Sugar Levels already within Normal limits* with the ORIGINAL Artichoke Diet Pills from GN+Vida

Use them Alone or Together with the Artichoke Vials and Artichoke Tea for even Better Results. The Artichoke Capsules are an Easy way to get the benefits of the Original Artichoke Formula in 1 Daily Pill.

And Save even more when you Buy 6 Boxes and pay Just $13.99 each all this Month. 

What are the Artichoke Diet Pills from GN+Vida? 

The Artichoke Diet Pills by GN+Vida are the Original Mexican Artichoke Diet Pills made by the First company to release the Artichoke Vials. The Artichoke Pills have the same formula as the liquid vials and are an excellent alternative if you don't like the taste of the vials, or if you want to use them together for faster and more dramatic results. Get all the benefits of the Artichoke vials without the taste and easy to carry them with you in a Convenient 30 Day supply. 

What can the Artichoke Pills help for?  

The Artichoke diet pills can help for the same things as the Artichoke Liquid Vials, for Weight Control and may help to keep your Cholesterol and Sugar levels arleady within normal levels, improve your fat digestion and give you all the benefits that Artichoke offers*. 

How do you use the Artichoke Diet Pills? 

As your primary Weight Loss Supplement: Take 1 Pill per day, preferaby in the morning. Remember that for faster results you can combine them with the Vials and/or Artichoke tea like in our Express Kit tho this is not required.  

To Maintain your weight: If you've reached your weight and/or after using the liquid vials you can use 1 Pill per day or Every Other day. 

Are the Pills as effective as the Liquid Artichoke Supplement? 

Absolutely! Results in the long run are the same, However if you really have to lose weight quickly, we recomend that you use both liquid and pill. The formula and the ingredients are Exactly the same. And the long-term results in most people are the same, however because liquid supplements tend to be absorbed by our intestinal system faster, the Artichoke Vials tend to have a faster effect in the beginning. The fantastic thing about the pills is that you get all the same weight control benefits in the long term with the ease of taking a daily pill and you can Combine them with the other products in the Artichoke Diet product line.

Who would benefit from Using the Artichoke Diet Pills?

The artichoke pills are particularly well suited for people who: 

  • Wish to lose weight*. 
  • Need help to burn and digest fat*. 
  • Have issues with Cholesterol and/or High Blood Sugar*. 
  • Are bloated, retaining liquid or have issues with high blood pressure*. 

For more information please see the Additional Information Tab above. 

*Please Remember that with Any Nutritional Supplement Individual Results may Vary.

Additional Information

What are the Ingredients in the Artichoke Diet Pills?  

Extract of Artichoke, Fennel, Apple Vinegar, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3

Are there any extra recommendations to get the most benefits our of using the Artichoke Pills?

Drink lots of water! At the very least the recommended 8-10 Cups per day. And of course a sensible diet and exercise will only help to give you better results.



Aviso Informativo - Advertencias

Alcachofa Capsulas es Un Suplemento Natural. Mientras que un porcentaje de los usuarios pueden experimentar pérdida de peso dramático en un corto período de tiempo, La pérdida de peso no puede ser garantizado para todos. Además deben ser parte de un programa de dieta saludable que deberia incluir actividad fisica. Este producto no es ningun medicamento. No esta echo para tratar, diagnosticar o curar ninguna enfermedad. Las Declaraciones echas sobre la effectividad o usos del producto son solo opiniones y No han sido evaluadas por el FDA. Si esta bajo cuidado o tratamiento medico o usando cualquier medicamento prescrito, consulte a su medico antes de usar este o cualquier otro suplemento alimenticio. El consumo de este producto es responsabilidad de quien los usa, Innovacion Natural no es responsable por el uso inapropiado o incorrecto de este o ningun otro producto. Resultados Individuales pueden variar.

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